Convince Autolenders to Say, “Yes”!

Can Autolenders be Convinced to Say, "Yes", When Trying to Get a Loan With Bad Credit?


Absolutely! In theory, most autolenders will deny people with poor credit, simply because there's not enough "skin in the game". Imagine yourself as the lending network. If someone with a minimum credit score decides to purchase a brand new $20,000 vehicle, but wants YOU to finance $19,000 of the price-tag, would you do it?

Why not?

This person does have a sincere interest in purchasing the vehicle, and they'd like to make monthly payments on time, so what's the problem?

As you may have guessed, this is a very high risk loan, for you. Not for them, as they've only invested 1/20th of the purchase price into this vehicle, while you've been requested to pickup the remaining 19/20th of the cost.

How about this same situation, modified only by the customer's ability to invest, say, $5,000 into the down payment of the vehicle? This situation would far likely be more suitable for both you and many other autolenders. Reason being, is that now the customer has invested 1/4th of the purchase price into the vehicle. This renders the loan to a much lesser risk, for you, as the borrower would be more likely to make on-time payments, so not to lose the already $5,000 investment.


Can Money Lenders be Used to Assist with the Convincing of Autolenders?

Yes! You CAN get bad credit car loans. Here, at Online Cash Advance, we've worked hard to find the best money lenders networks, so that you don't have to. Not all of them can get you quick cash loans up to $5,000 or more.

Many of them, such as this one, are for small loans, used to pay off bills or cover emergency expenses, etc. These types of loans are great for small purchases and expenses.

And then there are some money lenders networks that provide other solutions. Such networks that can be used to convince autolenders to say, "yes" to your loan inquiry. You may find those lenders by clicking here or here.

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