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 Fast Cash Advance

10 Reasons Why A Fast Cash Advance Would Be a Good Thing

Just a few years ago, options were limited for quickly acquiring small amounts of money.  IE: Friends, family, and/or banks. Even if it's only a one-off situation, asking for money from friends and family can be quite embarrassing. It's because of this, that we urge you to continue reading, to discover how you can quickly apply and become approved for a fast cash advance.

You may need some money for various things, such as home repair that you have been putting off forever. There are many reasons for why people pursue money loans. Perhaps you've got a sudden expense that overshot your budget.  Maybe you want it to make some last minute bill payments.

Many traditional loans can only be availed for higher amounts of money. In addition, let's not forget complicated and elaborate procedures. Often these procedures are accompanied by 10 business day wait times, only to receive a letter in the mail. You know the letter. It's the one where they thank you for applying, but tell you they can't help. Yeah, THOSE letters.

So now you're 11 days gone, and whatever you intended to use the money for, may have accumulated interest. That's why WE'RE here. We're here to point you in the right direction. We'll show you where you can apply for your fast cash advance in just a couple minutes. If you need some cash and you need it fast, then let us help. Fast cash loans just may be your angel in disguise.

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Fast Cash Loans

What are Fast Cash Loans?

Fast cash loans have many names. Some people call them, "payday loans". Others refer to such a service, as a "fast cash advance", while some may simply say, "money loans". Regardless of what you call it, let's examine what they are and what they accomplish. These are short term loans that can [and should] be paid back in a few week's time. They're perfect for small cash requirements and generally are available for amounts anywhere between $100 and $1000. Some loan companies will allow you to borrow more. Such companies are listed below. Anyone above 18 years of age and with a regular income is eligible to apply for a fast cash advance.

If you need more than $1,000, you may click here to get up to $5,000.

And if you need more than that, you may click here to get up to $15,000.

Who Can Provide a Fast Cash Advance?

You can either find lenders online to get fast cash or walk in to a payday loan store or you can also use services like who are loan matching services that will find the best lender for your financial needs. Apply for a payday loan from a loan service can be done from the comfort of your home or work and with just a click of a button. Now that's really some super fast cash!

What Can I Use a Fast Cash Advance For?

You may use fast cash advance money loans on virtually anything you want. When borrowing the money, you need not disclose what you're spending the funds on. The only think the online loan companies care about, is that you repay the loan. The following are some typical uses for these emergency funds

  • Utility bills
  • Rent
  • Mortgage payments
  • Credit card bills
  • Home repair and renovation bills
  • Medical emergencies
  • Overdraft fee
  • Unexpected travel
  • A sudden death in the family
  • When you are not eligible for a bank loan

Money Loans

Why Are Fast Cash Advance Loans Better Than Other Types of Loans?

So what makes a pay day loans such a great option for emergency cash requirements? Here are the reasons.

  1. Speed

With an average processing time of less than 24 hours, this is as fast as fast can get when it comes to borrowing money. In some instances, you may even receive the money you need within the next hour or two.

Many fast cash advance services work by having a network of lenders online who will reply to your request and even approve your loan in real-time. So you don't have to waste your time doing loan hunting.

  1. Simplicity

No more complicated and stressful procedures when you are already in a financial crisis. You can further simplify your job by choosing an online loan service. Typical steps involved in obtaining cash from a fast loan service are

  • Quickly and Easily complete the application form online (usually takes 3 to 5 minutes ONLY).
  • Confirm the provided application information is correct, with just a fast online e-signature (takes only SECONDS)!
  • Get the funds directly deposited in your bank account (you don't even need to leave your couch)!
  • Make on-time payments and go loan-free within weeks (QUICKLY pay off the loan and be done with it... or return to, and get another when you need it)!
  1. Credit History Exclusion

Your credit history status can be anything from a no credit score to a low credit score or even a bad credit score. Payday loans take the worry factor out of loans and let's anyone with a regular income get some quick money no matter what their credit history.

What's even better, many lenders of payday money loans will report on-time payments to credit agencies, so that you can even repair a bad credit score in the bargain.

  1. Short-Term

The time-frame for the repayment of the loan is very small running to a few weeks or typically ends on your next payday. So you can get yourself out of a loan situation in no time, unlike other types of loans that keep you in debt for many years.

  1. Flexible

Unlike some other loans that require you to spend the money only on the purpose for which the loan was taken, with fast cash advance money loans you're free to use the money on anything you wish. In fact, you won't even be asked about what you're spending it on!

  1. Convenient

The working hours of payday loan stores are much longer than banks and when you use loan services, you can even get round the clock assistance, as they are available online.

Most services will have e-mail and phone support and you can even chat live when you are on their website.

  1. Bare Minimum Requirements

Payday money loans do not require you to provide any collateral or does not even require a cosigner. In fact when you apply online, even you don't need to physically sign any papers.

The criteria you'll need to meet, are:

  • An ID proof for age
  • An e-mail address
  • Valid contact address and phone number
  • A monthly income of at least $1000
  • A bank account in your name
  1. Saves money

These short term loans can actually save you money by avoiding late payment fees, overdraft fees, penalty on bounced checks, credit card fees etc.

  1. Options

As the name suggests payday loans can typically be paid on your next payday as a single payment. If that does not suit you, then you can also choose to make weekly payments.

  1. Confidential

When you choose a reputed payday service you can be assured that all your important personal information stays secure. You should look for services whose websites are SSL encrypted and have a strong anti-virus protection in place.

Fast Cash Advance Disadvantages

Though pay day loans are a boon to those who can't get a regular loan in case of an emergency, they do have some cons that you need to be aware of before your apply for one.

  • High interest rates - Because being eligible for a fast cash advance won't depend on your credit score, something will be considered. The interest rates of these short term loans can be quite high, as the lenders are taking a high risk, when lending your the money. The lenders often refer to these as "high risk loans".
  • Additional interest - When you fail to make a payment on time, it can not only affect your credit score, but you will also end up paying additional interest. In some cases, you will have to pay double the interest.
  • Impulsive buying - Due to the ease with which you can get these short term loans, they can tempt you into buying things that you don't need making things worse for you financially.
  • Fraudulent online lenders - If you are not careful while choosing your lender, you can end up with fraudulent lenders and lose your money. Fortunately, at, we've already done the digital grunt work of finding reputable loan companies, for you.

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The choice is yours. We've laid out the pros and the cons. It's now time for you to decide. If you feel the few cons outweigh the pros, then by all means, apply and wait for the bank loan. So long as you've got near-perfect credit, you should HOPEFULLY be fine. For everyone else, simply click the link above this paragraph, and complete the 5 minute application. After doing this, you've only got hours remaining until you receive your cash.

After the application and approval of your fast cash advance, please be responsible with your money loans.