How to Obtain an Online Cash Advance

Online Cash AdvanceThe World Wide Web continues to influence the way people take loans. It’s now easier for a borrower to search for online cash advance loans online, including an instant cash advance no credit check offer. Many of these loans fall under the category of cash advances.

For most of us, a cash advance is something linked to a line of credit such as a credit card. Several credit card providers have set up an easy process of obtaining cash advances at a local ATM.

However, an issue here, is that frequent advances from an ATM can quickly add up in costs, which may go unrecognized.

For example, the borrower pays a fee to the bank for using the ATM so many times. At the same time, he may also pay some charges to the credit card company for crossing the limit of withdrawals. He may also pay interest and penalty fees for not repaying on time. A few credit card providers tend to collect more interest on advances than that of the regular balances.

However, all these hidden fees and efforts of going frequently to an ATM are eliminated by taking an online cash advance. So, is it ideal for you to take an advance online? Let’s find out by exploring its different aspects.

Overview of Online Cash Advances

In the realm of online lending, a cash advance is a typical short-term loan that is not only quickly approved but is also swiftly transferred to your bank account. The main feature of such a loan is that it’s small in amount. This means that the amount you borrow should be given back in just a few repayments.

An advance in cash is a suitable solution for those who require quick access to money for fulfilling urgent needs. It might be so that the vet bill is more than usual this time or there is some sudden defect in a car, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Another common reason for taking an advance online is low or poor credit due to which getting a loan from a bank or other commercial institution will be challenging or almost impossible. Cash advances are generally for people from all walks of life:

  • A recently shifted family who needs to pay for their moving expenses before beginning a new job
  • A father waiting for his delayed paycheck
  • A victim of a car accident who is looking for a car on rental for reaching office until his car is rejuvenated
  • A student who needs to pay his education fees and buy books
  • An individual who needs to pay off the medical bills for healing a sudden injury after falling at home
  • A parent who is suddenly facing an unexpected school expense
  • A young entrepreneur who needs some urgent computer fixes for starting a new venture
  • A retired veteran looking for work
  • A person with a bad credit score willing to repair some non-deferrable home repairs

Do I Qualify for an Online Cash Advance?

Are you looking for how to get a personal loan with no credit or a quick advance with no credit check? Well, searching for such lenders is obvious, when bad or low credit score makes it tough to obtain loans from traditional mediums such as banks. The fact is that an online cash advance qualifies even a borrower with bad credit to get some petty cash quickly.

  • 700 and Plus: No issues in getting a quick loan
  • 680 to 699: A good score to get a loan quickly
  • 620 to 679: An okay score creating no issues in borrowing
  • 580 to 619: Traditional loans become more difficult to acquire, with 620 generally being around the cut-off point
  • 579 and below: Loans are available but only after getting the desired details or information provided about a steady source of income

Yes, there are lenders online who are willing to lend to individuals with a bad credit score or rating. They do so primarily on the basis of assurance of good and steady source of income. These lenders do not only focus on credit rating but on other decision-influencing factors such as income source, age, education qualification, and bank account. These details are asked at the time of filling out an online form.

These lenders may charge a higher interest rate than usual. However, if you choose a loan provider who runs a network of lenders, you may be able to get a reasonable interest rate. Most of these providers do not even charge application fees.

In some cases, the lenders may disagree to give a high amount. In that case, you are still eligible to request for a smaller loan amount.

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The Process of Obtaining Online Cash Advance Money Loans

Cash advances, whether online or offline, can range from $20 to $25,000 or more. As a borrower, you simply need to fill out an online application and submit it. This application is a form that asks personal, employment, and banking details. That’s it! You neither have to fax any official documents nor need to submit your credit report. However, the lender might request for a read-only access to the transaction history.

Once you have submitted the form, it takes only a few minutes for the online provider to verify and approve the request. In case of many providers, it takes only a few seconds for approval. This is something you can find quickly via an e-mail or a phone call. After approval, you are asked to e-sign the contract. Finally, your nominated bank account is credited with the requested amount on the same or by next working day.

A few providers of cash advances online are such that they themselves do not lend but maintain a network of lenders. When you submit a loan request, the provider looks for the best lender who is willing to lend you despite bad credit at a lower interest rate. These lenders share their terms and conditions with you after which you may e-sign the contract.

The online lenders are willing to offer a cash advance no credit check offer based on their own set of criteria, which borrowers must fulfill to qualify. These criteria are:

  • Citizenship
  • Age of above 18
  • Stable source of income (so can repay easily)
  • Valid e-mail ID and phone number
  • Fully disclosed employment details
  • Bank details

When it comes to how to get a cash advance without a credit check or how to get a personal loan with no credit, the process tends to vary as per the method you prefer. For instance, in case of a credit card, you may use it online to transfer some money to the creditor’s account via online banking. In case you go for a payday loan or an installment loan, the process shall be different.

Regardless of the options you choose, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Credit Check: While many online lenders do not mind giving a cash advance no credit check offer, a few always perform a credit check. If you need some instant money and have a bad credit, you have two options: A lender who does not perform any check on credit or a lender who considers requests from people having a bad credit. You need to choose!
  • Employment Confirmation: If your employment is a criterion for obtaining a loan, it might be discernible that the lender shall verify your employment. He may do so by calling your boss as per the contact details submitted and asking about your work. You can find out about the employment confirmation process at the lender's official Web site.
  • Submitting Documents: Online cash lending is quick in terms of applying for a loan and getting an approval for the same. However, there might be lenders who wish to verify some of your details. This may make it mandatory for submitting some documents. You might be asked to scan identity proof and e-mail the same. Many lenders eliminate this extra step by using online verification services. These services aim to verify the history of your bank account automatically without you having to scan or send any of your statements. To know about the document to be sent, you can ask directly to the lender about it.

Online Cash Advance Options

You can obtain an online advance in one of the following ways:

  • Credit Card: You can withdraw from an ATM or use it online to transfer funds. It’s essential to bear in mind that the fees for using this medium for taking an advance are almost 20% p.a.
  • Overdraft (OD): You can take this facility from your bank through which it’s possible to withdraw up to a certain limit, which is determined as per your financial position. This medium is useful during emergencies. Unless you use it, there are no rates or fees levied upon you. The limit is mostly restricted up to $25,000. This medium is for you if you have bad credit history but a good relationship with the bank.
  • Payday Loan: This is a short-term loan ranging from $100 and $2,000 and is typically given for 15 days to 4 months. It takes only a few seconds to get an approval and just an hour to transfer the loan amount. However, the rate of interest is significantly higher than other loans. It’s generally 24%. Go for a payday loan if you have a bad credit, want a cash advance no credit check offer, can pay it on your next payday, and have no other option left. Payday loans should be used only as a safety net for controlling cash flow issues or fulfilling a few non-deferrable liabilities.
  • Installment Loan: This loan is paid back across a longer span of time, such as from six months to one year. With some lenders, this repay term can be extended, which dramatically reduces interest costs.
  • Short-term Loan: This category of loans includes payday and installment loans but extends to cover vehicle loans, pawn loans, and bond loans.
  • Personal Loan: This loan is available for different personal purposes. It also includes secured loans that demand an asset for a collateral and unsecured loans having no collateral or mortgage. A loan of high amount may demand a credit check although there are lenders willing to give without doing so.

Online Cash Loans Versus Payday Loans versus Credit Card Loans

Many of us think that cash advance is same as a payday loan or a personal loan. However, a payday loan and a personal loan are both types of cash advances. The maximum amount you can borrow through both the options depends on your income. However, in case of payday loans, the repayment usually happens on the next payday or within one month. In case of personal loans, the repayment period can be beyond one month.

A payday loan may offer a better deal than an advance on a credit. However, this depends on the terms of contract as well as credit rating. Moreover, a few credit card companies levy a higher rate of interest on advances than on regular purchases.

Generally, an unsecured loan such as a payday or personal loan comes with a higher interest rate than that for an advance on a credit card or a secured loan. This is obvious because the lender assumes a higher risk of defaulting. However, many online lenders are providing lower interest rates for retaining loyal customers having a record of prompt repayment.

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So Is An Online Cash Advance Truly Reliable?

Very few of us know that an online cash advance is not technically a loan. Although they seem to function similarly, they possess regulatory disparities. While both can fulfill short-term business or personal financial needs, a cash advance possesses fewer limitations. For example, many advances involve no credit check. While this is a pro, it’s a con as well.

Many online lenders take undue benefit of fewer restrictions and tend to change ridiculously high fees or interest rates. As a result, online cash lending has earned a reputation of being totally unreliable. They are deemed to be notorious for having rates of triple digits.

So, while there are hundreds of online cash advance lenders, not all of them are genuine or work as per their promises. Many of them simply know what to promise or say to entice healthy small entrepreneurs or family members for acquiring quick cash. The catch here is that there is a big difference in what they say and do.

Have you ever wondered why the rates are so high on a few online advances? Well, it all boils down to the way they are arranged. A few lenders stick to your credit and debit card sales to grab some percentage out daily. This leads to the draining of your reserves, especially because of daily collections as well as high APRs. Such advances are tough to repay on time.

Usually, these borrowers who cannot repay on time seem to renew the sum. As time passes, the rates of interest tend to accrue, which finally traps them into a sinking fiscal spiral.

Well, not all online lenders are the same. There are cash advance offers online, which are more affordable and yet equally beneficial as loans. They do not raise any kind of fiscal risk. Moreover, an online cash advance tends to differ from one lender to another, as they are more flexible than traditional lenders, due to no lending laws.

So, the key lies in finding the best deal with caution and full knowledge. Do not allow yourself to pass through a minefield when a route to meadow is there. There are several ways to be a victim of a bad deal. Even if you manage to escape, your financial position is likely to have already weakened.

Thus, it’s wise to find the best online cash advance as per your needs.

Factors to Consider while Looking for an Online Cash Advance

The Internet is full of online advance providers and lenders. You just cannot go around considering the profile of thousands of lenders one by one, without any criteria. It’s best to follow the below criteria or factors for shortlisting most suitable lenders and selecting the best from that list.

Define Your Needs for your Online Cash Advance

It’s essential to know exactly how much amount is needed and for what purpose it is needed. This is because online advance lenders provide loans of different amounts. While some give a few hundred dollars, some may even offer up to $50,000. So, this is how you can create a short list of promising online lenders. Shortlist the ones who are offering the amount you need.

Tap the Web Power

Will you sign a business contract with an entrepreneur without researching about him or her in detail? Well, the same is applicable here as well. Once you shortlist based on your needs, it’s time to find out which one is the most suitable lender.

This is not the time to choose a lender randomly or just apply on his official site without researching about him in detail. It’s the time to check out their third-party reviews and ratings of each shortlisted lender.

Believe it or not, reputation is everything in the virtual world. You can check out the reputation of each lender on trusted portals such as Trustpilot. These sites are dedicated portals, which offer reliable online reviews for finding out how lenders compete. Going through the reviews is essential to take an informed decision.

You need to approve the lender before he approves your loan.

Have a Distant Vision for Your Online Cash Advance

Well, just having good reviews and ratings does not qualify a lender for your approval. You still need to peep into some more things.

One of the important things to peep into is the fine bold print. It’s common for online cash lenders to attract customers using promotional rates, flashy deals, and too good promises. However, as a borrower, you need concentrate on the fine print and features that pulls them apart from the rest of the shortlisted lenders.

Do read the online print carefully and focus on ambiguous words and hidden fees to defend your bank balance. Unscrupulous lenders are likely to levy several fees such as application fee, APR, and origination fee. They will reveal each of them separately, due to which it’s tough to comprehend the total cost.

Consider only those lenders who are transparent and frank enough to reveal all their terms coherently. This is because these lenders do not hide.

Ask Questions Before Acquiring Your Online Cash Advance -- Be Informed.

This is something that most borrowers never do. This is because they do not realize that most lenders do not reveal all information. You need to know about the total charges, repayment schedule, penalties for defaulting, and possibility of extending the repayment term. If any such information is missing, it makes sense to contact the lender and ask.

While some lenders may hide information spontaneously to prevent their visitors from getting overwhelmed, a few may do so purposely for unethical reasons. Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing everything before selecting a lender. The best online lender is the one that levies neither application nor hidden fees. Yes, there are many such affordable online lenders.

Consider the Audience of the Lender

You should know the target audience of the lender you are likely to choose. Many a times, the official site of the lender will not reveal the target borrowers. You will come to know about it by recognizing the tone of their print, ads, and other marketing mediums. There are lenders offering advances to those who are desperately in need of money. You may want to avoid them, as it’s easier for them to come up with unreasonable terms.

In short, look for the best online cash advance deal that is most suitable for your needs and budget. It’s rational to incline towards the side of caution, as it’s better to be secured than to feel sorry later. Consider shortlisting those lenders that ensure simple yet quick application processes along with swift turnarounds.

Getting an approval should be quick, as there is not much paperwork involved. At the same time, there is no heavy focus on your credit history. Above all, the lender that you choose should be clear and upfront.