iCashLoans Short Term Loans with No Credit Check

iCashLoans Review


Is iCashLoans a Dependable Online Lender for Short Term Loans with No Credit Check?

Short term loans, when acquired from the right places, allow you to receive the money you need, very fast! iCashLoans can get you the money you need, when you need it. You generally want to get the money quickly, and pay off the loan, quickly. The type of loans received from iCashLoans, are also known as payday loans or fast cash loans. Such a loan, although tempting to take, comes with a somewhat high interest rate.

So, it is extremely essential to go for such online loans only when they are to be utilized for fulfilling current or short-term expenses such as emergency medical bills, auto repairs, and home bills. Otherwise, it becomes too easy to fall into the vicious cycle of debts.

This is especially more important for borrowers with low or poor credit score. Although they may hesitate initially to go for loans with no credit check online as it can negatively affect their credit report, some providers truly give a chance to improve the same. One such online lender is iCashLoans.

Overview of iCashLoans

iCashLoans is an online supplier of short-term loans without considering any credit score or report. It is for those who cannot manage to get quick cash from the traditional sources. Technically, it is not a lender but a connector who connects you to a suitable lender who is willing to give the requested amount.

This free service itself does not give cash loans or dictate loan terms. Rather, it manages a big network consisting of over 100 lenders, including individuals and financial companies. These lenders do not consider your credit score or history as a major factor for approving the loan request.

Each of these lenders is independent to come up with its own policies, terms, and guidelines of giving loans. This means that right from the agreement to repayment, the provider is not involved in it. It is only you and lender who are directly involved in processing the loan transactions.

The Workings iCashLoans

This online lender offers a loan amount ranging from $100 to $1000. This is the normal range of most payday loan providers. You, as a borrower, just need to fill a small application form stating the sum you required along with your personal and employment details. This takes hardly 10 minutes.

Once you fill and submit this form, it acts as an inquiry. The inquiry is then sent to the lenders in the network. With a safe online technology, the provider finds a lender who is willing to give loans with no credit check as per the information that you have submitted. The same lender responds quickly within a few minutes of your submission.

If the loan is approved, you are directed to the official site of that lender where you can go through the terms and conditions along with the rates and fees. Once you read them carefully, it is up to you to accept the terms. If you accept, the lender transfers the requested sum directly to your bank account by next working day. Well, this is truly quick!

Some Factors to Remember when Using iCashLoans for Short Term Loans with No Credit Check

It is worth noticing that any lender in the network of iCashLoans approves or disapproves a request based on some factors. For approval from most lenders in this group, a borrower needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Permanent resident or American citizenship
  • Age over 18
  • A valid e-mail address
  • A working phone number
  • Current employment since 90 days at least
  • Net income of around $1000 every month
  • A checking account in the name of the borrower

All your personal, employment, and bank details are fully secured through the industry-recognized latest encryption for online submission. Although the application is exposed to the network, no unauthorized person can view it at any point in time.

iCashLoans offers the facility of automated repayments. In case you allow the lender to get the repayment via automatic withdrawals, your bank account will be automatically debited on the respective dates. This ensures that you make each payment on time without bothering about missed installments or risk of late fees.

Why Choose iCashLoans?

Here is the most attractive reason: This online lender genuinely provides you with a chance of improving your credit score. How? Well, it gives you loans with no credit check that you need to repay in short period. It also offers the facility of auto repayments.

Another reason is that it does not discriminate amongst the borrowers having bad, average, and good credit. The lenders may consider the credit history but disregard it if it is bad, as for them, eligibility for getting a loan depends on many other important factors such as employment, state of residence, and income. They are also ready to extend the loan repayment duration in case of default, but this may be confined by the different State laws.


Speed, convenience, and security are the plus points of this online lender of loans with no credit check. With a disclaimer on its home page for fraud calls, iCashLoans is truly a reliable lender.