Lowe’s Credit Card – Is It Right for You?

Lowe's Credit Card

Lowe’s Credit Card Overview

If you find yourself constantly running back and forth from your local Lowe’s hardware store, you may want to consider looking at applying for a Lowe’s credit card. This credit card can prove very beneficial to those of you who have multiple home projects, or if you’re in need of doing some repairs.

We know what it’s like to constantly have to go to the hardware store. You could be in need of some extra screws, or you need to start that project on that shed you want in the backyard. Either way, having a handy Lowe’s credit card could save you hundreds of dollars each year that you use it, and who doesn’t want that?

We’ve all been in that situation where we go to the hardware store to buy one thing, but we realize we need three more things. It can be tiring driving back and forth especially knowing you’re not gaining anything from these trips. However, what if there was a solution for this issue.

That solution is in the form of the Lowe’s credit card. It brings a wide variety of benefits to you as the customer while giving you flexibility as well. If you’re not sold yet, we think you will be at the end of this guide.

In this guide, we’ll be looking closely at the Lowe’s credit card. We’ll discuss what makes it so appealing to you as the buyer, and why you should have one today. Without further introduction, let’s get started!

Types of Lowe’s Credit Cards

Before we dive into why you should have the Lowe’s credit card, let’s look at the different cards themselves. Lowe’s offers a few different credit cards, though it can be split into groups of your normal customer and businesses.

Lowe’s Advantage Card

The first credit card and the most common is the Lowe’s Advantage Card. This particular credit card is offered to everyone. Unlike their business credit card, the Lowe’s Advantage Card is their credit card for the general populous.

This Lowe’s credit card is handy to have as it offers you a five-percent discount on whatever you buy each time you make a purchase. There are a few exceptions, of course, but this means that you get this discount off most of your purchases. This alone can save hundreds of dollars in a year.

Along with this, it also offers you six months special financing if your purchase is over $300. This means that you’ll be paying equal amounts over a six-month period with a fixed interest rate. Usually, their interest rates for this option can be high.

However, Lowe’s does offer a wonderful clause in this option. If you pay back the total in full before the six-month period ends, you are not charged the interest rates. This is great for anybody who is expecting to have the money in the future but is short a few dollars at the time of the purchase.

The last thing that the Lowe’s Advantage Card offers you is special financing on projects of $2,000 or more. We all undertake home projects where we need plenty of supplies. Things from paint to lumber can drive our bill up high.

Lowe’s offers you special financing where you can make equal payments over periods of 36 months, 60 months, and 84 months. Of course, the longer period you choose, the higher the interest rate will be for that purchase. However, be sure to remember that these interest rates can be dropped. If you can make the proper payments and pay in full before the deadline, those interest rates disappear.

If you are really in hard times, this is a very viable option for you as it gives you a long window of time to earn money back that you need to make payments. Just be sure to have a plan in place to make those payments.

Lowe’s Business Credit Card

For businesses, Lowe’s offers their customers three different options for a credit card. This is split up into the Lowe’s Business Account card, Lowe’s Accounts Receivable card, and the Lowe’s Business Rewards from American Express card.

Each of these cards offers unique perks along with similar benefits as well. If you own a business that shops at Lowe’s often, then consider picking up one of their business credit cards. Just like the other, it’ll save you money in the long run, and we all want that.

Starting with the Lowe’s Business Account card, it offers the same five percent discount that all of Lowe’s credit cards offer. Along with this, you are given the option to pay in monthly payments or pay in full. There’s no annual fee with this credit card either. It also provides you with detailed statements for each of your purchases making record-keeping easier for you.

The Lowe’s Accounts Receivable card is slightly different from its counterpart. It does offer the five percent discount again, but it does not provide the option to pay in monthly payments. This card requires that you pay in full at the end of each month.

It does, however, provide the ability to pay by invoice along with itemized statements per account as well. As with the previous business credit card, the Accounts Receivable card does not have an annual fee either. This will save you some more money throughout each calendar year.

Lastly, Lowe’s offers the Lowe’s Business Rewards from American Express credit card. This credit card is great for those businesses who spend a lot of time at Lowe’s, and want to be rewarded for doing so.

As the name would suggest, it comes with a rewards system where you earn points for each purchase you make at a Lowe’s store. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem these points for rewards such as gift cards, gas rewards cards, and outdoor rewards cards.

Along with the rewards system, the Business Rewards card still offers the five-percent discount off each purchase that you make at Lowe’s. Along with this, the card does not have an annual fee which is a huge plus in our book. The key component of this card is all about the rewards system and making good use of it.

Do I Need a Lowe’s Credit Card?

Lowe’s offers a variety of cards to choose from whether you need a business credit card or one just for yourself. However, you may be wondering if you need a Lowe’s credit card or not. Let’s look at some various scenarios where having that Lowe’s credit card could really help you out.

When it comes to having a credit card, the main component is being able to purchase what you need even if you don’t have the funds available at the time. Over time, you make the necessary payments until you’ve paid off your bill.

In life, you are guaranteed to undergo hard times financially. The truth is that we are all going to encounter some financial instability at some point. This is where having a credit card can be of assistance as it allows us to still obtain what we need despite not having the funds.

It’s important to remember to never abuse your credit card of course. They are very helpful but remember always to have a financial plan to make those payments on time. You don’t want to hurt your credit by not making those payments. Be smart while using your credit cards!

Now, why does this mean that you need a Lowe’s credit card? In short, there will be times where we need to have emergency repairs done to the house, or we’re in need of some new furniture immediately. The funds may not be there, but our Lowe’s credit card can help us out with this situation. With that said, yes you need a Lowe’s credit card to ensure you can be prepared financially if disaster strikes.

This credit card is not all about disasters, however. It can be used for a variety of purposes. That is why this credit card is flexible and like a swiss army knife. Whether you are dealing with natural disasters or a home project, this credit card can assist you in getting the job done.

Lowe’s Credit Card Handy When Disaster Strikes

Lowe's Credit CardAs stated earlier, most of us will encounter some financial instability. This can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, we can really be affected when natural disasters hit us. These phenomena of nature can shut down an economy faster than anything else due to their unpredictability and chaos they bring.

It’s even worse if one of these natural disasters strikes our homes. They can bring unprecedented damage with them leaving some homes in absolute ruin. One of the worst parts of these storms is their suddenness. Nobody knows when one of these disasters could strike and leave you without a roof or a home entirely.

Imagine that your beautiful home is directly in the path of an oncoming hurricane with destructive winds and plenty of rain. Weatherproofing the house was not in the monthly budget for your family, so funds can run short during this situation. The question then becomes what can you do to try and protect your house and loved ones?

That’s why having the Lowe’s credit card can be so helpful. You may not have the funds to weatherproof the house, but your card will allow you to buy what you need to do so. Things from lumber to nails and shutters can be bought with your card to ensure your house takes a minimal amount of damage from the storm.

However, let’s take a look at the other end of this scenario. Some natural disasters can happen seemingly instantaneously. Tornadoes can pop up without warning while a sudden thunderstorm can bring heavy rain and wind with it.

Perhaps you didn’t have time to weatherproof your house, and now your house is flooded, or the roof is ripped off. You have a serious amount of damage on your hand, and you likely don’t have the money necessary to repair it all.

Lowe's Credit CardYou’re now looking at having to purchase new flooring, a new roof, and replacing your windows. The costs begin to pile up quickly leaving you feeling lost. Unfortunately, some people may be in need of an emergency home as theirs was destroyed by the storm. Most of us likely have a “rainy day” fund that we use for minor inconveniences.

However, we likely don’t have the funds necessary to repair an entire house. This can lead to a very stressful time for most of us as we struggle to pull money from anywhere that we can get it. This is where the Lowe’s credit card can assist you. It allows you to buy everything that you need while also giving you a reasonable time-frame to pay it all back with their special financing.

Immediately, the first thought about credit cards is a negative one because of interest rates. People are afraid to charge a lot on a credit card because the interest will end up skyrocketing leaving you in debt at some point. This, coupled with experiencing a natural disaster, can be a frightening experience for anyone.

Lowe’s understands this, however, which is why they work with you when you have to undertake these large home projects and do plenty of repairs. They offer special financing for those large projects with options to make equal payments over the next few years. If you’re worried about interest rates, don’t be! Lowe’s will drop the interest rate completely if you can pay back your bill in full before the deadline. This is a tremendous upside to this credit card as it eliminates one of the scariest things about using a credit card.

Personally, I’ve been in the middle of some heavy storms where we’ve lost power for days at a time and even longer. We’ve had significant roof damage along with water damage to our furniture. Our budget was not prepared for the cost that all the repairs would take. I wish we would have had a Lowe’s credit card that could have given us an extra boost.

Using Your Lowe’s Credit Card for Minor Projects

build a kid swing set

The true beauty of the Lowe’s credit card is that it is not designed specifically for people who are in need of extreme home repairs. There are plenty of people who need a few extra dollars to finish up a smaller house project, or they want to update the paint in their home. Your Lowe’s credit card can be used for all sorts of things.

If you work outside in your yard a lot, you may experience some difficulty with your power tools at one time. Perhaps your lawnmower goes out on you, or your chainsaw just finally quits. You’ll be needing to replace these soon since your grass will keep growing, and those limbs will still need to be cut. Your credit card can be used to buy those replacements, and you get the extra five-percent off the purchase when using your Lowe’s credit card.

I remember when I was a kid, I wanted my very own treehouse. So, my dad does what most dads would do, and he builds his son a treehouse. To all of those dads out there, you can use your credit card for this project as well! Building a treehouse can take a lot of supplies so you’ll be needing to visit Lowe’s often. You might as well save some money while building your kids that dream treehouse that they have always wanted.

If you are looking at updating your furniture in your home, this credit card can be helpful with that. Perhaps you’re looking at picking up some furniture for your kids who just got a place of their own for the first time. The possibilities are endless with the Lowe’s credit card.

Let’s say your job calls for a relocation. Upon arrival to your new house, you notice it needs some fresh coats of paint, new windows, and updated flooring. You don’t have to spend all of your money at once updating your home. Use your Lowe’s credit card, and you can still manage to have your home looking much better even though you don’t have the funds at the time.

The Lowe’s credit card is great for tackling any and all projects that you may have. Its flexibility to work with you makes it a must-have for everyone. This way, you’ll be saving money while getting what you need at the same time.

Lowe’s Credit Cards for Businesses

When it comes to Lowe’s credit cards and businesses, they bring a variety of options to choose from instead of just one. All businesses are different, and each of them is run differently. So, there are different credit cards available to those different businesses. It simply comes down to you deciding which is best for your business.

For small businesses or those in larger companies, having a business credit card allows for more maneuverability while working. Most businesses have a credit card that they use specifically for ordering supplies and having them delivered to the right location.

If you’re running your own business, I would highly recommend you apply for a Lowe’s business credit card. This card can save you plenty of money which is important as you work to improve your business in every way. Find the right card, which we’ll discuss in detail, and start building up good business credit along with running a smooth operation.

Starting with the Lowe’s Business Account card, this card provides great options for making payments. You are given the option to pay in full, or you can make equal monthly payments until you have paid in full. Depending on your business’s success at the time, these options can prove very handy.

When it comes to delivery, you are offered discounts on all Lowe’s deliveries to your business adding a big plus when dealing with shipping costs. The itemized statements are another great benefit to this card giving you detailed statements on your purchases making for easy bookkeeping. All in all, it’s a great credit card for businesses who need flexibility with payments.

Next up for businesses is the Lowe’s Accounts Receivables credit card. While this card does not have the different options for payments, it does provide other perks instead for businesses. For one, it allows you to limit dollar amounts on a single purchase giving you the power to ensure that not too much money is spent in one trip.

You can also track your purchases and view your signed receipts online. Along with these perks, you have account representatives dedicated to each of your accounts that you hold. This makes customer support easier by having a person dedicated to you to help you with whatever questions you may have.

You also still have the discounts on deliveries from all purchases made at Lowe’s. With your statements, you can choose from individual or consolidated statements depending on your preference. In short, it’s a great credit card for those who would like more power when dealing with their accounts. This credit card provides you with that.

Lastly, you can choose the Lowe’s Business Rewards credit card from American Express. As its name would suggest, this credit card is all about rewards. However, it does offer other perks than just the rewards system which we’ll look at briefly.

To begin with, you are once again given the option of making your payments in full or choosing to make equal monthly payments. You’re also still given the five-percent discount on all of your purchases along with no annual fees from using this credit card.

Regarding the rewards system, it is all about a points system. The best thing about this system is that it is not limited to just Lowe’s purchases. In fact, you can earn points from all sorts of different outlets from restaurants to office supply stores and others. This means that you’ll be racking up those points at a nice rate since you gain them from a wider pool of options.

You’re also provided with the discounted deliveries on your purchases from Lowe’s along with 24/7 customer support. Your statements have the option to be customized if you so desire, and you can also set up alerts for your phone that will notify you of account changes or notices. This credit card is all about the rewards, and it is well worth the rewards if you use it often enough.

When it comes to businesses, choosing the right credit card can be very important. That is why Lowe’s offers you different credit cards that each bring something different to the table for you to consider. It’s important to look at what your business does before applying for a particular credit card.

You want to make the correct choice, so do your homework and then apply for one of Lowe’s business cards. It will change the way that you run your business while making it easier than ever before. These credit cards give you plenty of options while still allowing you to run your business like you want to by not adding tons of extra fees on your back. All in all, each of these credit cards is a must-have for any business.

Time to Apply for Your Lowe’s Credit Card

Looking at these credit cards and what they offer, it’s easy to see why so many people love having Lowe’s credit cards. That means it’s time for you to apply for your own Lowe’s credit card, and for you to see what the buzz is all about.

Credit cards are so important when people stumble upon hard times. It allows us to function still even though we don’t have the money at the time. If you couple hard times with needed repairs, you’re in for a tough week. However, that’s why Lowe’s can be so helpful with their credit cards as they allow these repairs during the hard times.

We don’t wish that anyone has to go through a natural disaster and lose their home. This is just a possibility in our world that can happen. If it does happen to you, it’s best to be prepared for this scenario and not be caught off-guard by these things. Have you ever heard the saying, “better safe than sorry?” This can be applied right now because it speaks volumes.

Applying for these credit cards means that if the day comes where you need them, you are prepared for those hard times. Like I said earlier, I’ve been through hard times myself while dealing natural disasters and other unforeseen events. I wish I were as prepared as you can be by applying for these credit cards.

At the end of the day, it can make a worlds difference if you have a way to get those repairs and supplies that you need. The options to make monthly payments only provides more reason to apply for these credit cards. This option means there’s no immediate hurry to pay off your bill within one month or two. You can get back on your feet while making equal payments.

Even if it’s just minor projects such as that treehouse or furniture replacements, this credit card is so helpful for you. Sometimes, the budget can’t allow some purchases. That’s where these credit cards are invaluable. We know you want that new flooring, so we say apply for that Lowe’s credit card.

If you’re a small business owner, look at getting one of Lowe’s business cards. They are so helpful for businesses and provide plenty of benefits for your business. You’ll get the five-percent discount on every purchase while also having flexibility with your payments and discounted shipping.

Running a business can be tricky at times, so you need all the help that you can get. These credit cards provide that extra edge that you need in your business to make sure you can run your operation a lot more smoothly.

Not to mention that these credit cards allow you to avoid having to pay interest rates. Let’s face it; interest rates can be a huge pain as they pile up the longer you wait to make payments. All of us would love to erase those interest rates off our payments, but most of us can’t do that.

build a clubhouse

Our Conclusion of The Lowe’s Credit Card

Yet, Lowe’s does indeed provide us a way to do just that. These credit cards provide so many different benefits for you as the customer that it’s crazy. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to apply for that Lowe’s credit card! If you’re not sure how it’s really easy to do this.

Just head online to Lowe’s website where you can find the Lowe’s credit center. From this page, you can choose which credit card you would like to apply for. Weigh your options carefully and take the pros and cons of each into consideration before choosing. You don’t want to get stuck with the wrong credit card for you.

After you make your decision, fill out the application and wait for your approval. Once you’re approved, you can start making good use of that new credit card! There are all sorts of projects that you can start tackling along with now assuring that you’ll be prepared if a natural disaster ever strikes your home.

That’s a great safety net to have, and it is one that we all should have. We don’t want anybody to be unprepared when facing life’s hardest times. That’s why we recommend these credit cards so much. They can be a lifeline for you during those hard-financial times. We’re glad you’ve decided to apply for that Lowe’s credit card, and we wish you the best using it.

Remember to be smart when using that Lowe’s credit card! It can still affect your credit score in a negative way, so use it responsibly! We don’t want you to fall into debt or suffer financial instability from abusing your credit card. Shop smart and only buy what you need when using those credit cards.

If you’ve enjoyed this guide on Lowe’s credit cards, we’d love to hear from you.