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VivaLoan provides a very quick solution for your financial emergencies. Let's face it... Loans are those things that we're likely going to come face-to-face with at some time in our lives. Whether for a down payment on a car or for emergencies, money loans can be used to accomplish those financial goals. There are quite a few benefits that VivaLoan's online loans can provide for you, regardless of your credit score. In fact, ALL credit scores are okay! So how exactly do you get a loan from them?


We live in a world where it's now possible to apply for a loan and quickly get the money you need. It's easy to do online without having to drive to individual cash advance stores or banks. No longer does the process of applying for a loan need to feel intimidating. Being able to utilize the services of a place like VivaLoan, the power it put into your hands. Reason being, is because it's a place where you can reach many money loans providers, simply by filling out only one application.

With the help of VivaLoan, the process is made to be much easier on you. You may even be surprised at how fast and flexible the approval is. And that’s not all... Within the next few hours, you can have financial loans with as much as $15,000, directly deposited into your bank account. You may use these funds for whatever you want!

Vacation? Go for it.

Emergencies? Yes.

Bills? Absolutely!

Before we dive a bit more into how VivaLoan can be the best option for you, let’s go a little bit over on what money loans are, exactly.

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What are Money Loans?

Money loans are agreements made between a lender and a borrower. There are agreements in which the borrower is responsible for repaying the loan back with interest. There are many different kinds of loans you can get, including student loans, personal loans, business loans, mortgages, payday loans, cash advances, etc. These days, there are even online loans. VivaLoan is one amazing place you can visit, if you're interested in acquiring loans online.

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A big misconception is that you need great credit in order to be eligible for money loans. With VivaLoan, this is simply untrue. The reality is that you don’t need great credit in order to receive a loan. You don't even need GOOD credit. In fact, you could have an absolutely horrible credit score and still be easily approved. Online loans from VivaLoan are not dependant upon your credit score. It's all too common for someone to assume they can’t be approved, while being very much eligible for the needed loan.

There are money lenders out there who are willing to give you fast cash loans. VivaLoan will connect you with said lenders. Click the link below, to get your quick approval!


Personal loans with bad credit are possible.

You only need to find the right place. is that right place!

Bookmark our website, in case you need to refer back to us, in the future. We are here to help you provide you the information to get the money you need, when you need it. That is our mission. It's our commitment to ourselves and to you.

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How Other Types of Money Loans Affect Your Credit Score

Your credit will be reviewed by almost all money lenders and every time you apply for a loan, there is a inquiry placed on your credit report. This does indeed affect your credit score and having a short credit history can make these have a bigger impact on your score. These credit inquiries generally last approximately 2 years, and cannot be removed until the time has elapsed. If you have a long and decent credit history, they'll seem to harm you a bit less. Each of the inquiries will take typically less than 5 credit score points off an individual’s credit score. THAT'S HUGE!

Imagine searching for a vehicle loan, but with no money for a down payment. You've found some autolenders that are willing to finance 70% of the vehicle cost, so you shop around for loans. Each time, you get hit with an inquiry. By the time you've found a lender to help with the down payment, you no longer qualify, due to those inquiries on your credit report.

Avoid all that, by clicking this link. These are Personal Loans with NO Credit Check.

Wouldn't it be better to go for guaranteed personal loans that do NOT cause these little damaging credit inquiries?

Money loans are actually known to have smaller damaging impacts on credit scores than credit cards at limit. You’ll most likely not be able to be approved for a conventional personal loans if you've got too much credit card debt. If your credit cards are at 30% or less owed balance, then money loans could be a great option to use to pay off the remaining balance. This will allow you to further improve your credit.

When You Might Need Money Loans from VivaLoan or Other Money Lenders

Money Loans are used for many reasons. Some of the most common uses, when it comes to personal loans, are to help with debt consolidation, unexpected events and expenses, down payments, large purchases, emergency car/home renovations and repairs, groceries, and/or practically anything you might to spend money on.

It’s also possible to utilize a loan for the purpose of improving your credit. Whether you’re just trying to consolidate your debt or you’re just simply making your monthly payments on time, a loan can be a big credit booster as you owe less and less. Loans are a commitment and you are obligated to pay them back. You should take them seriously.

One suggestion, is to click here, take out a loan and use it to pay all your monthly bills. Then use YOUR money to pay back the loan. Rinse and repeat. Return to this website, each time you need a loan. Do this each month to ensure that all your bills are paid on time, thus improving your credit, and then you simply pay back the online loans you take out. Watch your credit scores skyrocket, over time. It will be MAGICAL!

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Traditional Money Loans from Cash Advance Stores vs. VivaLoan's Online Loans?

Getting traditional money loans can be a daunting a process. You’re going to need to provide a bit of personal information in order for the money lenders to determine your eligibility. The information you provide, includes the following: Full name, phone number, address/proof of residency, proof of income, proof of employment, bank account information and your social security number.

When acquiring your loan through one of the trusted sources, recommended by OnlineCashAdvance, your credit score won't need to be checked. Visiting physical loan offices / cash advance stores is quite common, but these days more and more people are using the internet. Visiting sites like VivaLoan, helps to help obtain fast cash loans easily, and while in the comfort of your own home.

Ready for your VivaLoan? Click here now.

When you want to try and get a loan online, one of the biggest things that probably comes to mind is the safety of your information. While there are many credible place to apply for loans online, you want to be sure that the form you are filling out is legitimate and that your personal info will be respected, and more importantly, kept confidential. Luckily for you, we’ve located one of the best websites to apply for your personal loan, online. At, you would be surprised at the simplicity they bring to a complicated process.

So What, Exactly, is VivaLoan?

VivaLoan, an innovative online loans matcher. Once there, you can provide all of the needed information and reach out to a LARGE lenders network, simply by filling out only one application. You’ll be able to apply for personal and short term loans with this application process. By using their loan matching technology, you will then be “matched” with an ideal lender depending on what exactly your financial needs are as well as your lifestyle.

The utilization of VivaLoan’s lender and borrower matching technology, is powerful. It allows for a more efficient way of applying for money loans. Who wants to go find every single lender out there and fill out application after application? Nobody. It's simply not ideal, when faced with an emergency. With VivaLoan, your application's personal info, as well as your privacy, is highly respected. You can trust VivaLoan to get you a fast, safe, and credible loan approval. With things like identity theft being a risk on the internet, having this type of incident happen when you are in a time of need is the last thing you want. VivaLoan knows, understands, and respects this. This is one of the reasons that they're highly recommended as a viable source for online loans.

With VivaLoan, apply for online loans between $100 and $15,000 and you can be approved and receive the funds within 24 hours! With such quick and easy access to money loans, VivaLoan could be the best option for you when it comes to short term loans.

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VivaLoan likes to explain their process in 4 simple steps:

  1. Submit an application online through VivaLoan
    You simply fill out an application (which will literally take you 5 minutes) and you submit it to VivaLoan to go over and find your matching lender. You don’t have to worry about your information because the application is secure.
  2. Provide an E-signature to finalize your loan
    Once you are matched with your lender and approved for your loan amount, you will be directed to the lender’s site as well as given instructions on how to finalize your loan. Once you and the lender come to an agreement on the terms, you just have to provide an E-signature for the loan documents.
  3. Collect your loan
    You will be so surprised and absolutely thrilled when realize that you can receive your loan, in 24 hours! This is typically when the funds will be deposited and available in your bank account.
  4. Use your loan and rebuild your credit
    Once you have your loan, you can do whatever you needed it for. Whether this is for an emergency, a personal treat or to make an important investment, you can do anything with your loan. Not only that, but you’ll be able to rebuild your credit!

Why You Should Choose VivaLoan

Your financial goals and dreams can now be brought to life with the help of VivaLoan. It’s faster, safer, and more than reliable, than visiting a horde of cash advance stores and money lenders. VivaLoan is arguably the best place you can go to get an online cash advance.

VivaLoan Provides You Access to a Large Lenders Network

The loan matching technology we mentioned earlier is how you get matched with a lender. With VivaLoan, you're not only “applying” to over a hundred different lenders at one time, you get matched to the most ideal lender to suit your needs. This is extremely convenient, as BIG NETWORK OUTREACH is what saves you time. This is especially important if you value your time.

While the large network of money lenders will save you time, it also means that VivaLoan can help match you, regardless of your credit score(s). It doesn’t matter if your credit is poor, average or exceptional. VivaLoan’s lenders are willing to provide loans, based on DIFFERENT factors. Factors, such as: Employment, state residency and your financial capabilities are what help determine your eligibility. They simply wish to know that you have the means of paying the loan off.

Funds Quickly Received

No longer, do you need to worry about wasting your time just to be denied by one lender. VivaLoan does the searching for you. If one doesn't want to help you, there are plenty more money lenders that are. VivaLoan’s large lenders network saves an outstanding amount of time. With the need to fill out many applications totally obliterated, it will take only a few minutes to fill out the ONE VivaLoan application. The application can be filled out at any time. You can access VivaLoan at absolutely any time. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it's open for business! Being able to apply and get approved so quickly, can be a HUGE RELIEF if you’re in an urgent situation.

Once you're matched with your lender and you both agree on the terms and conditions, you'll have the access to your funds within the next business day. You’ll be able to meet your financial goals so fast and super easy with the short time period it will take to be approved and receive your money.

Be Matched With Money Lenders, Even With Bad Credit

Like we mentioned earlier, even if your credit is poor or you are trying to rebuild it, VivaLoan works! You'll still have the ability to be approved by money lenders. The large lenders network allows you to reach a wide array of lenders, meaning not all their qualifications are the same. Remember, not every lender is equal and many won’t even determine your eligibility off your credit score. As long as you can provide your identification and a proof of income, you'll most likely be approved for money loans. You deserve to have quick access to cash in your time of need. Like us, VivaLoan understands.

Trust VivaLoan to Keep Your Information Safe & Secure

The transaction of any personal information on the internet can be a bit unsettling. VivaLoan has made certain to takes preventative measures to ensure the privacy of your personal information.

You may not be familiar with the Online Lenders Alliance, but it is important to know that VivaLoan is proudly associated with this group. If you go to the VivaLoan homepage, you will probably notice the OLA badge being displayed. This means that VivaLoan has been considered to follow the federal law and is dedicated to keeping customer information safe.

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Get a loan for anything you need with VivaLoan

Financial emergencies can range from many different prices. By offering smaller amounts of only a couple hundred dollars and as much as $15,000, you can get a loan as BIG as you need. With VivaLoan, you're virtually pre-approved. Obviously, not everyone will be able to qualify for a loan as large as $15k (as it depends on factors listed above).

With the ability to get online loans as large of $15k, you have many different ways you can use the loan. While loans shouldn’t typically be used on things like vacations, you're more than welcome to take an amazing trip! Put a down payment on a brand new car. Those are definitely more lavish options to use a loan for. With this in mind, if you have an extremely critical and crucial medical procedure that needs to be done, a larger personal loan may be needed. VivaLoan may be the one thing that helps you take care of financial situations you need handled.

Choose Your Money Loans, Based On Your Financial Needs

This part is simple. Don't try to over do it. If you don't need $15,000, don't borrow $15,000. These types of money loans are here to help you take care of what needs to get done. That's it. If you don't need extra money, then don't request it. If you need to borrow $700, then there's no reason to take out a loan for $1,400. There is interest involved, so only take what you need. And then pay it off.

VivaLoan could be your solution

There are countless reasons in people’s lives that may require money loans. Often, there are also countless reasons as to why people would want the money as fast as possible. With VivaLoan, you've got a reliable and safe place to turn. When it feels like you've got seemingly nowhere else to go and nobody else to turn to, consider them. Get matched with money lenders you qualify for and that suit your needs. They'll ensure that you the best online loans possible.

VivaLoan is what can help you finally take control of your financial situation fast. The quick approval is mind blowing and you’ll feel like you are the priority!

VivaLoan Pros and Cons


  • VivaLoan is a safe and secure way to get approved for online loans
  • Get approved even if you have a bad credit score rating
  • Receive the funds you need fast and easy
  • Get a loan between $100 and $15,000, VivaLoan has you covered
  • Applications are accepted 24/7


  • You won’t be able to take out online loans larger than $15k
  • Business loans are not available through VivaLoan

As you can tell, VivaLoan is one of the best places to turn to in order to get the loan you need. The loan application process is made easy for you and your chances of being approved and matched with a lender are very high. Don’t wait any longer for the loan you need and get your funds in as little as a couple business days with the help of VivaLoan.

Ready to get started? Simply click the button below, complete the 5 minute application, and GET YOUR MONEY QUICKLY!